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Preparing for International Business – The Power of Market & Customer Insights November 9th, 11:30-13:00, Online Workshop
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Besides your own personal experiences, which of the following Customer/Market Insights gathering activities, if any, have you ever performed for your current Healthcare start-up/venture?

Please select all that apply.

Observation research in hospitals/clinics/care-sites
Patient Research
Off-the-shelf Industry reports available online
Discussions with local KOLs
Large scale quantitative surveys with performing physicians/nurses
Focus Groups/In-depth interviews with other hospital stakeholders (hospital administrators, purchase managers, biomed engineers, CSSD, etc.)
Focus groups/In-depth interview with performing physicians/nurses
Desktop research
Others (Please Specify)
None of the above

Please rank the following reasons for not gathering Customer Insights at your current Healthcare start-up/venture in increasing order of importance – where 1 means the most important reason, 2 means second most important reason and so on?

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            Not relevant – we know our customers very well
            Cost/ budget – market research is an expensive exercise
            Lack of know-how – we don't know how to do/engage market research(esrs)
            Low ROI – as the cost-benefit ratio is not great
            Time availability – it takes too long to do market research